Monday, October 13, 2008

Dan's new facade!

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon as we were all still super sleepy on account that we arrived home around 6a.m. and a couple of us had work that very morning. I on the other hand did not have work, but due to force of habit, I woke up by nine and was watching Transformers The Movie with a bowl of cereal.

Then off I went to get my car checked and to have lunch with Fer Fer (my mech). After which, Daniel had gotten off work and come by to hang out and Eujin came by to get his Kancil tinted. We were chatting away when Mansion II's boss called Daniel up to inform him that his EK's bumper had arrived.

Eujin hopped into my ride and we convoyed with Daniel to see his much awaited new facade. I use facade as his EK had a gentle front for the monster within! But now, all that is going to change... He's getting a meaner look to match its bite!

The new bumper matched up to the old frontage.
After much discussion and debate on how the rump was going to look, the ugly ass spoiler was removed and here's Dan taping up the holes for "waterproofing".Daniel was still unappeased by the proposals and were looking East to Japan and Taiwan for inspiration.
Lookit the level of concentration, matching picture to actual feature (pun intended!).
Soon always had great ideas and after a few proposals, brother Dan was happy and went merrily on his way to rest for another night of un-sleep!

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