Friday, October 24, 2008

Skies of dread

It has been a really wet week up here in Penang. It rained continuously this entire week... Ruining all prospects of going up the touge for some high speed fun.

The fever got the better of us Northerners and Dan, Mark, Soon and I eventually went up for a high speed touge session in the rain on Wednesday night.

I am however hoping for it to be sunny for the rest of today and remain that way for the rest of the evening so that I have a chance to try out my Conti Sport Contact 2s up the touge. These babies measure 235/45/17 and should do great up the Tun Sardon high speed touge probably at the cost of turn in speed and slower directional changes needed at Teluk Bahang.

But dang! I still wanna rub them to oblivion on the beautiful stretch of tarmac, that is the Penang touge.

Our skies here have been temperimental and chances of rain are still apparent as you can see from the pictures below.

The tempest approaches just befor lunch!
Sol decided to come out and play about now... I'm going out for my tea break, and will be keeping my fingers crossed for a dry evening ahead.
Touge... I miss thee...

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