Wednesday, October 8, 2008

High Times 071008 ... Decisions... Decision...

Despite Daniel still being full of alcohol from drinking 4 days in a row (his b'day ma, and he gots lots of VERY persistent friends), Ah Soon being busy with work, and Mark was feeling a little under the weather (prob. from anziety... Bitch!), High Times had to be conducted without fail, miss, or delay!
So after a simple dinner, we all met up at Mansion II, where Soon now works, as he is still busy introducing customers' cars to his hand-held grinder! (What-a-job erh? Scratch up cars and still get recognition for it)

Seated at the "customers' lounge" :P
With our "poison" for the night...
Daniel was just hungry for a lickin'!
Samurai prepping his katana embedding stance!
Soon being "hard-at-work" :P After a couple of drinks, Chris arrived and we detoured to the nearby "Golden Ore" coffee shop so that Soon could have his din-din.
The, by now, very relaxed group.
Definitely very relaxed... Except that his eyes are still "roving"! One's got to keep a lookout right?... Right?

It was also on this fine night that our bro Mark had decided to start his project car after only two trips up the Teluk Bahang touge! I made some calls and had a sweet catch for him shortly. Watch for updates :D

I tell ya, that route is just intoxicating!!! I've not met anyone that has not been enthralled by it thus far... Let's go for a run! ;)

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