Friday, October 10, 2008

Touge touge!!!

Party people Hey! It's all right.
Mondaay, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... Hey! It's Friday night!!!

Its that time of the week again and touge fever is at an unusual high! It's back to burn wallets, wear tires to the belt, destroy engines and to provide pure, and unadulterated adrenaline highs!!!

I feel compelled to apologize for the lack of touge posts... I've been slacking off since my cam is just horrible at night. It has no auto focus and no flash, which forces me to be very innovative with the camera angles and subject location.

I actually had readers call up to complain about the lack of touge updates and what's happening up here in the Northern Touge :P (So sorry guys, check back for updates)

However, I'm back and should be snapping away again... We'll see how things go tonight :)

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