Friday, October 17, 2008

The Hairy One - Refurbished

Soon's car had recently just got out of the workshop due to the prior mishap at "the twisties". He has since encouraged and motivated himself to get back on the proverbial horse to attempt faster lap times and has been making lots of corrections since.

As such, he'd found that if there's one thing he needs, it's more and sustained grip from the tires. The previous set of 15" Duro tires were just wearing thin and wearing him out reining them in all the time. In preparation for the track days and touge sessions to come, he'd changed to a beaut set of OZ Superleggera replicas, and upsized to 17". The size increment will help prohibit some of the effects when he gets on boost.

It's an intriguing yet gratifying feeling to watch a turbo'd front wheel drive take on the twisties of Penang, which the local authorities built without any thought of putting in straights. All Soon needs now is a decent set of tires and he'll be ready to blast off!


Blow Water Guy 吹水佬 said...

1st time been your blog....nice stuff!! :D

i have added u in my blog....wish you dun mind....:p

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi BWG, it's awesome to know that you appreciated my writings.

Thanks for the add, I've visited and added your blog as well.

p.s. I'm sorry, but I don't understand mandarin though.