Monday, October 6, 2008

Intake ventilation :P

Chris called me over to the shop one evening and got to installing something I'd never expect him to accredit-ize (got such word ah?) at all!
After much enquiry, actually he's installing it for me to help out with my idling issue since my throttle body's control valve sudah (already) K.O.! So unless I set idling at close to 1.8K RPM, the engine will suffocate and sputter when the air-cond compressor engages.
The problem with using the bleeder at the throttle body to adjust the idling is that the sensor meters the amount of air bled by and still compensates by supplying more fuel for combustion. So I have lousy combustion (running too rich) then fuel economy super cacat la. I was only doing ALMOST 300KM on RM120.00 of petrol!!!
This unit was actually of proper design compared to the other brands. Inside the solid steel case is not only a simple air passage, but a mechanical 1-way valve can be found. It allows a preset amount of air to flow in during induction, but here's the good part, the valve shuts off any back flow during off throttle conditions thus allowing proper metering of air.

The result? I'm now doing almost 400KM on the same amount of fuel and power is slightly better due to leaner burn. I'd venture to say my install worked well since it was used as a means of correction (correcting my "run rich" condition) but I'd dare not vouch improvements in power or fuel savings on healthy engines. Be warned :P

I'd recommend this but its' too expensive (from my point of view - mine was free) to justify the install, good as it may be (for me).


kev said...

ive installed this 2 years back in my dad's jeep wrangler, lol. technically, it does give a hissing sound. i thought it wont do much to help with the mileage and all. haha, i guess u could theoritically proved how it works. ive just booked a k&n drop in filter for the jeep and hopefully it would compliment it better

ScAvEnGeR said...

It wasn't bad at all... In fact my fuel economy improved even when I go touge with pals.

I guess every item's outcome depends on the installer and tuner. My good pal and long time mech Chris does great jobs all the time.

Too bad you live so far away, otherwise I'll intro you to him... The chance will arrive, dun worry.

kev said...

u could always convoy down to kampar. lol. next time around track day maybe ;)

ScAvEnGeR said...

He will always be around me at all events. No worries mate, I'll intro you.

Btw, our event will be on 23rd Nov. Hope to see you there! ;)