Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The wet one!

Last Friday, as seen in my previous post, was a super wet evening that lasted all the way through 'till well past midnight. But being the fervent touge enthusiast that we were, we went up anyway!

Mark brought along his very snappy Nikon DSLR and snapped a few.
The green monster await-eth (got this word a?) its prey.
The prey com-eth! VictorGR from touge.com.my had come to join in on the fun to be had on the slippery slopes. See how wet it is?!?!
The yollow terror is well fed and waiting to devour Teluk Bahang tarmac. I got a huge shock to see it re-painted again to a super shocking yellow baby...
Both cars filled and heading up to the usual attack route.We arrived at the dam shortly and whilst having our rest and usual puff, Mark was bitching about how the droplets would dew up his lens and cause molding on his DSLR. The cones are there for a purpose :P
The green monster lurks ever so near to its new prey..
MAzda RX-7 FC quite literally "under the spotlight".

www.touge.com.my - A group I'd gronw up with during our earlier years and I'm still proud to be a member of this super cool group of friends.
I eventually got to do some donuts with Victor's FC (with permission of course) without fear of busting a tire. See? I told you its fun when wet!
I'll upload the video soon once I get internet access to a host server. Stay tuned!


kev said...

nice rx-7

ScAvEnGeR said...

It was super nice in the rain... he was sliding all over whilst the Satria was having great grip in the wet with its skinny tires.

Eventually, we made it up to the dam and the owner was kind enough to take it for a couple of donuts and a few figures of 8.

I have a video... But it got corrupted and, thus, gone!