Friday, October 31, 2008

Wonderful morning!

Mark and I were just too darn tired with all the pigging out during Deepavali and heavy lunches that we just hopped on and drove the Silver Banana down to e-Gate for a good 'ol Veggie Delight Subway Sandie. It all looked so nice and fresh that there was just nothing left to my resistance... I asked for every type of veggie on offer and every pickle as well.

I had a foot long sandwich for the afternoon filler, along with some iced lemon tea and a couple of soft cookies (which are my fav kind - you get to savor the flavor).
My super sandie bursting with nature's goodness. Tak boleh tutup ni!
This morning, I woke up to smooth flowing bowel movement (much thanks to the amount of vegs y'day) and even smoother traffic on my way to work. I'd just arrived at the traffic light exiting my area and I caught sight of a beautiful rainbow that seemed to stretch all the way to my house (wonder if got pot of gold a tonight?).
It's just these kinda little things that gets me kicking la... I am in a "ponna" (very) bright and cheery mood this morning and with real zest for life.

I guess the best things in life are free and they're meant to be. It's just that marketing and advertisements have conditioned our mindset and averted our eyes on to a more materialistic perception. *point-to-ponder*

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