Monday, October 6, 2008

The happy pedal

I still remember this comment a fellow enthusiast made back in the day, "when in frus (frustration), just depress the happy pedal". This of course meant no longer is with the high rise of petrol prices.

I was so excited about the past wedding and all that I'd forgotten to update my most fav. revent purchase. A set of Razo pedals from a nearby chop shop when I visited TKA in Nibong Tebal.

They of course came tainted, scratched and tarnished... Nothing a little Autosol couldn't fix. So I went at it like a hyper buffing machine and check out them pedals after!!!

RAZO... Bling bling y'all!
I just couldn't resist and took a shot of the install before completion... Only clutch and brake could be installed without drilling. I eventually installed it after a quick visit to Kiong Lee. Thanks fellas.
However, after a week's use, I've removed the clutch and brake and only installed the accelerator pedal as the other two are just bothersome and my shoe keeps getting snagged on them.

I like the accelerator's little extra protrusion towards the brake pedal as it helps me to be lazier and move my heel less during heel-toe downshifts :P

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