Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Joining the pack!

The Northern Touge group of enthusiasts were thought up by a group of VERY enthusiastic Touge kakis. Everything started when it sparked Daniel to call us Northern Touge, then Alvin drew up the logo whilst Ewe Jin came up with the font. We're still nurturing the growth of our little touge family, with potential for rapid expansion (couldn't help quoting The Joker).

A recent addition into the Northern Touge family has been made with Mark's acquisition of a brand spanking, super stock, used Proton Satria 1.6 (a derivative of the Mitsubishi Cyborg). The flurry of events took place just after two rounds up the TB (Teluk Bahang) touge and he was hooked!!!
He gave word that he's looking for a weekend driver, so I made a few calls and hooked him up with what is possibly the best platform to learn and advance in. Reason being that our market is saturated with spare parts and engines galore for this platform and it comes adequately powerful at stock. Easy to drive, easy to maintain and relatively cheap to mod.

I got the hook up last week, Mark and his dad (knowledgeable fellow) went over to view and scrutineer this weekend, made payment yesterday and we took the car off my long time pal Chong last night. And like every kid with a new toy, Mark was super psyched for the "Green Monster" (he'd decided to call it as such) acquisition and was already happy with the drive back home (wait till he gets on the touge).

Here's Mark making the "JDM pose" with his Green Monster.
A few things have to be done such as changing the timing belt (to keep his heart at ease), swap out the steering wheel (its too small and its wood... 'nuff said), then off we go for a drive uphill. Another interesting fact is that Mark is totally new to the word "speed". He is a below 3000RPM driver whom wants a twist in life... We'll see how he progresses after a few quick tips and tricks.

I'm planning to take him uphill this Saturday for brekkie at Balik Pulau market... Anyone wanna join in?


Vince said...

Congrats to your new found friend :)

I used to be a 3k driver too, until an accident nearly claimed my life.... now i am a 8k driver. :)
I have been on Balik Pulau touge once by accident (got lost la).. can not do much, my car is loaded with family members ;).....

The road is fantastic with steep hill climb/drop and tight road with sharp corners.

ScAvEnGeR said...

Right mate! That's what I told him. Speed doesn't kill, it's the careless mistakes that do. Not to mention you're exceptionally awake when driving fast, all your concentration should be on your driving by then.

The road is indeed wonderful. Family safety first la... But no worries, come up to Penang again and I'll bring you for a round.

Ray Eoh said...

what time is ur saturday balik pulau market plan?

ScAvEnGeR said...

I'm planning to meet up around 8a.m. Then off we go to the Balik Pulau Market for breakfast.

Let me know by Friday night if you're joining ya.