Monday, October 6, 2008

Banana Leaf in Little India

Lunch time... And Mark had called me up along with Daniel for group makan. I was hesitant, but Mark and Daniel told me this place was the bomb!

So we all jumped into Mark's variation of the Daihatsu Fish, including Alvin (Daniel's partner) and off we sped to Little India!

We arrived at a quaint little shop and there it was.. Veloo Vilas Eatery!
It was a very quaint setup with an intricate system of service. Multiple waiters, each with an assigned foodstuff would patrol the restaurant and once you get your banana leaf, the service would be instant! Each waiter came up to you with a different vege or curry and all you had to do was choose!
This signage would be hung just by the door once the cookings is done and when they're ready to serve.
Simple setup with loads of clients... Do I even need to bother telling how great the food was?
Check out the "quaint-ness" of the shop. It was a pre-independance building still with the steel bar windows installed during the curfew era!
Yum-yum!!! I had so much rice... I still *burp* have a little around the next day.

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