Friday, October 24, 2008

OMFG~!!! AGAIN~!!!

The heaven's cracked a clap... And all's seen shall be unseen... Even the hills are almost behind heavy rain cover :(
Guess all my earlier predictions came true yet again... I should be the weather man or something :S

Look at our motorbike parking area... Swamped~!!! Super heavy, cats & dogs, donkey's balls, and cows & horsies rain...
Nothing shall stop me from going up the touge... The passion burns brightly still.. *Me sounds sooo inspirational.. Almost guru-like*

Anyhow.. I guess its wet laps again tonight~! See y'all there...


kev said...

lol rain is good, haha, least it rids people on the road :D lol

ScAvEnGeR said...

I agree with you totally. What's more, it allows you to "safely" (used with much reserve) test your limits at much lower speeds (tires permitting).

Although, we did have a run with and ended up doing donuts that night. Check back for more updates.

Cheers, Kev!