Monday, October 6, 2008

High Times 300908

Welcome to high times 30-Sep-08!!! As I promised guys, I'll only update when I'm in the office... Otherwise what to do ler?

*Colleague - "Er... Work?!?!?!"*
*ScAv bitch-slaps the freak for his *"profanity"*

Anyhow, we started late as usual, but no worries this time, it's the eve of Hari Raya (maaf zahir dan batin ya!) tomorrow and we were all going full throttle~!!! Bwahahaha *evil-ness*

We got the party going with this whilst waiting for Bro Soon (who was pissed at his boss for working him till 11!) to arrive.
Ah Soon arrived shortly with bags full of chips and other "nutricious" food-like-stuffs! The best part was that he quietly went along to this quaint little shop that sells "non-conventional" beer that comes with 8.8% alcohol brews and in 500ml cans and comes with... Wait for it... PULL TABS~!!!
How long has it been since you've last saw this on beer let alone soft drinks?!?!?! It was super cool, I just had to take some pics of it :P
This time around, Soon got us something we'd missed out the past two weeks... Swing (what you'd likely be doing) Beer that comes with 10% alcohol~!!! We could hardly contain the 8.8% brew last time *burp*
Soon was one for nostalgia and he actually bought "satay" - a local kiddie fav for the party :)
We kicked off with the crisps...
Whilst Mark started off raiding the fridge.
And Daniel was busy whipping up some light supper fingerfoods for us to line our stomachs for the torrent to come! This is a pile consisting of all our poisons for the night... *suffocating*
Ah Soon also bought a Phillies cigar just for kicks.. He just wanted to free his mind of "whatever"!
So we'd even prepared a wooden match to light it (courtesy info from the bald dude in Hellboy)
Here's another compilation of only the drinks. One of the beers is actually named after its alcohol content! WTF?!?!?!
And we also had Jack Daniels courtesy of Mark whom sped by a shopping centre just to get it! Cheers mate!
And the crisps... Farking monsters couldn't wait till I got a decent pic!Everyone started to chow down on their picks.
Then.. As if a tempest... The drinking started!
Someone was obviously happy...
Then the drinking (within an hour!) slowed down and the aftermath ensued.
Eujin was on FIRE! (He kinda looks like a cooked lobster about now!)
Soon and I stepped out to enjoy the Phillies for quite a while.
And Mark raided the fridge again!
After some excitement, Jin was knocked out! (not by the bottle silly)
It's just Daniel showing the golden fluid that knocked him out :P
Ah Soon was already crawling...
So whilst the drinking slowed down, we were in deep contemplation whether to play an "Asian" or "Ang Moh Kau" disc... *more evil-ness*
No one should have passed this fibre-filled cretin the discs... My DVD player would never be right again... EVER~!!!
Then Mark dropped and Daniel was just having helluva time having his way with Mark... I can't show the according pics for obvious reasons :P
Finally, the bloody-well-covered, I'll-clog-your-drains hairy monster also dropped.
But lookit' who's awake and semi-conscious? Hehehe... His eyes are still stim kau kau... Bwahahaha... A sentence kept reverberating off his lips, "I wanna drink water, but no cup". Every cup was either filled or being filled! No way out Jin!
*He resorted to using a food container* Bwahahaha!!!
A final signage from Mark... Fun-tastic evening!
All of us headed to Farlim McD to unwind and take in some fresh air (which quite literally spins your head outta proportions) before parting ways.
Some chatted whilst others just watched the LCD TV.
Realization that tomorrow is a Public Holiday...
And the party ensues~!!!
Jin was still pretty red... But then, it could be the lighting... But then, we don't really care!
Mark showing his "I-don't-care-if-he's-still-red" face :)

The night ended with uncontrollable fits....
Of laughter.. Hahaha...This was how Soon looked the next morning... I don't even wanna know what he was up to throughout the night!
Now on a note of appreciation and commemoration!!!

Daniel was the busiest man of the evening...
Being the chef...
The waiter...
As well as the bartender... Kudos bro!The amazing dishes he came up with. Looks "funky" but it tasted fantastic...
Everything was lapped up in moments.
We're going to have ribs this week!!!
So who's coming?
*Our group just keeps getting bigger every round. Kudos to the High Times trend!*


kev said...

lol, sounds like great fun. hahah, i remembered when i had dvd night over my mates house in australia. we were all having a drinking binge. lol. ali g indahouse is about 7 years old from now, if i have not mistaken.

ScAvEnGeR said...

But Sacha Baron Cohen never gets old... He's more annoying than funny but heck...

When we're pissed outta our minds, he's funny as heck.

Dennis Tan said...

bro~ wheres' the pic of a floor of NICE dvds~ ^.^ lol~

got to bring to share with us next time yo~ hahahah~

kev said...

he never does, but he's scrapped some of his character, in turn, focusing on newer ones. u'll begin to miss borat. lol. his wife is ever so hot, haha, if u saw the wedding crashers

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Dennis... No worries man.. We can watch it on your backyard projector! Bwahahaha...

Kev, sadly I've not watched Wedding Crashers and even more so to hear he's scrapping charachters. Dang!