Monday, October 13, 2008

3 SMS's & a night out!

A pal'o'mine, Mark, called me up on Friday night and told me he'd wanted to go touge that night and he was already on his way over. So I had myself a quick shower and a fresh change of clothes, then rushed out to meet Mark at my carpark. In the lift, I sent out 3 SMS's to 3 separate friends to meet at a location in an hours' time.

On the way up, we met another group of friends that were having their weekly TT (teh tarik) session in town, so I popped on over for a quick cuppa. Soon, a friend in the local authorities called up to say all's well and clear uphill and it was time to proceed.

All of us proceeded to Caltex to meet up and there were more ppl there than you can poke a stick at! Some joined us for the touge run, some just came to meet up. Eventually after filling up, a bunch of us left for the touge and had one helluva run! I likess.... It was a little damp and oversteer was imminent. I just had to bloody do it!!!

Take on a hotter-than-usual entry speed, left foot brake slightly when entering (to get real good weightage on the fronts), then once the nose is nicely tucked into the corner... sharply lift off the throttle and SNAP! oversteer!!!

Who's rump are these?
Its the Type-R fellows whom were tagging along just to "look see look see"
I have no flash, and Akihito (Edison) was kind enough to make a U-Turn to "borrow" me his lights for a photo op. The line of cars extend further down, but light restricts me to only capture this lot.
The Type-R's (Martin and Johnson) were quite a spectacle and their super clean engine bays were nothing short of stunning.
It was getting super late and a group of us took leave for Farlim's Mc Donald's (somehow, we're attracted to Caltex's... weird) for a little supper and a good night's (morning more like it) rest.
Mark was worn out (being a passenger!) and was a real bitch! (you know you were!!!) But we still love you... Mark's green monster is coming out REALLY soon... Another serious touge freak coming soon!
The 3 remaining Northern Touge kakis for the night. Daniel's Civic (EK), Snappy's Silver Banana, and Soon's Wira Evo III (GSR).
Soon's shiny newly painted bumper. Sweet!
17's all the way! Woot woot!
The last 3 "bandits" of the night.
Daniel being just stupid and...
His royal botak-ness, the man once known as Ewe Jin!
It was an eventful night and I was just amazed at what 3 SMS's could do for a fun-filled evening!

Saturday night was more or less the same... Only difference being I was the one that received multiple SMS and calls... And there were more ppl, much MUCH more people!
Heck! We even had the pleasure of watching a drift demonstration by 2 friends in a KE70 and a Datto 120Y~!!!

The Northern Touge is always happening... And never dissapoints!
I love Penang..... Touge routes :P


Ewe Jin said...

Andrew- my name is EweJin not Eujin ahhahaha :P

ScAvEnGeR said...

I'm so sorry bro... I keep getting the spelling mistaken.

Error ammended :)

Mark said...

Lol, Daniel gostan-ing on the McBoard