Friday, May 30, 2008

Dinner at Kocha Taiwanese Delight

I'm having dinner with my boss at his expense at this quaint little Taiwanese outlet at Burmah Road and blogging at the same time. I'm getting wi-fi signal from the hotel next door :P

It's a buautiful little shop with loads of trinkets, souvenirs and deco. A very nice setup although a little cramped for space.

ScAv's Silver Banana outside Kocha.
There's even a grinding wheel in the landscape. The Chinese used to make flour with these contraptions.
They have an amazing collection of three salt water aquariums very well maintained in the premises. It does help that the owner is also a diver!
The frontage to the restaurant and tea bar.
The tea bar. All those botthes and packages are an array of exquisite and exotic tea selection.

Look at the beautiful lantern that was hung just above the bar.

Ornaments and decorations aplenty.
I saw this wooden inscription on the wall. Looked beaut although I did not know what it means.
There was a Buddha situated just at the main entrance.
And the goddess Kuan Yin near the dining area.
Food is tasting great so far... We had a couple of steamboats on parade. Will update tomorrow as food's here :P

Alright... Further update of pics. Sorry as I usually am either busy or away from the internet on weekends :P

We had Kimchi Steamboat

Spicy Pork Steamboat
And PAPER Steamboat where the veggies are cooked in a paper cup! I'm told that there is science behind this, so here's what I remember - The soup absorbs the heat so the paper doesn't burn and the paper in turn absorbs the by-product (I forgot what it is) of the veggies when cooked.
There were many trinkets displayed in a glass case, some are for sale.

It was a great overall experience and the ambience was just spot on. The food was great and the dumplings especially were excellent!

I'll definitely be going back soon for a round with the family.


Touge King said...

I missed that place... Used to go there a lot :)

ScAvEnGeR said...

Great food and the rice is very tasty.

Very nice ambience if I do say so myself.

Touge Kid said...

bro, how was your ride? everything ok?

ScAvEnGeR said...

My Silver Banana is ok...

I've tested the engine until 80% of its RPM and its pulling strongly with very loud induction noise.

Mechanical tests were also performed and radiator might be having some faults. I'll be rectifying that this weekend.

Thanks for your concern bro.