Monday, May 5, 2008

Trunk board

As the trunk/boot board had been missing when I bought the car, all my stuff just laid on a few pieces of cardboard, and my subwoofer was throwing around as I touge. So last weekend, I was fortunate to come across a piece of polycarbonate material at a friend's shop which he was willing to give me as DIY material.
Without hesitation, I went to borrow a jigsaw, bought some hinges and pulled out a measuring tape. The DIY lasted about two hours, the material was much tougher than we'd thought.

Taking the initial measurements and trying to maximise the use of material.

Cutting of the raw material.
Taking the final measurements and making the mounts for my sub.
Finally, after screwing everything together and making a lid so that I could access my spare tire without removing the sub, this is the final outcome.
Tommy holding up part of the board. Crystal clear as you can see.
Here's a contrasting pic with a slight shadow of the material.
Finished product. I've since put in a layer of carpeting so what lies beneat stays beneath.


Dennis Tan said...

Wow~ nice board. Really look nice when you can see "true" what's beneath it. (provided it was a thousand doller amp+crossover system :P) lol~

Touge King said...

Good work and nice design! Me likey!

tankae92 said...

Is that tommy's place???

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Dennis, It would definitely look great if I had my amps and crossovers underneath with LEDs shining on them for "bling-age". Sweeet!

Hi TK, I got this idea from some expensive cars... They kinda have these levered boards to access stuff beneath. But hey, it's a good DIY piece.

Hi tankae92, yes it is... You're very observant! Where are you from btw?

Dennis Tan said...

tan-kae-(AE92) wakakaka~ me -> tan-kae-TE72 lol~~ guess who?

kev said...

hhehe, nice board, last time i used to customise my own board and carpet, just used to cut it to size, i made an anti-slip carpet. i also went to the half-cut shop and just got a new board, since the original one broke from the last owner, only costed me 20 AUD, which was ok to me.

ScAvEnGeR said...

Dennis... I just can't imagine you'd have a split personality :P

And I don't know who the other is. Care to share?

Kev : Very innovative. But I didn't plan on spending any cash on non-essential items since budget constraing. So this DIY was done since my friend sponsored the board :P

tankae92 said...

Dennis got two, forget already???


ScAvEnGeR said...

Woah... I'm lost!