Friday, May 30, 2008

Dinner in town.

It was a boring Wednesday night for me and I was working late. Then Patrick called up and wanted to have dinner along with Raj. So I packed my stuff and left the office to meet up with them in town.

We went for some superb hawker food at Campbell Street. Raj and I had "Koay Chiap" (a sort of pasta in thick duck broth) while Patrick was devouring desserts.

This place is famous for the Koay Chiap and Koay Teow Th'ng (a form of fettucine in clear soup) with chicken feet cooked in soy sauce.

We topped off the meal with Chinese desserts... Raj and I had almond soup with "Eu Char Koay". Some say it tastes like cockroach... I say it tastes GREAT!

So sorry I didn't get a pic of the dessert stall.


patrickgun said... out dated edi wan this ....hahaha

ScAvEnGeR said...

Where got outdated?

This is good stuff wei...

I think most of the places we go at night are all serving good food la...

We continue next week :)