Monday, June 2, 2008

Saturday morning outing

Since our regular touge sessions had been interrupted recently by the local authorities, we'd decided that this week, we'll try something different.

Last Friday, a group of us decided to go for breakfast and sighseeing early Saturday morning and of course... A little touge action!

We met up bright and early at the regular Shell station and who was to drive by but our 1.8 class champion, Suhaimi. We called him and he'd turned back to meet us and all of us went up the touge.

We arrived at the Balik Pulau Market around 7.40a.m. for breakfast and a ciggie. We all had our fill and we'd decided to bring a few newcomers to try out the BP-TB route. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves save for the random car here and there.

We arrived at the dam and enjoyed the scenery as we'd never seen it in daylight :P
After which, all of us took off for home in a slightly spirited drive. I was keen to push my engine since it'd been run in... But fear got the better of me and I only drove to below 5000RPM just to be safe.
Who knew, there was a beautiful waterfall in the touge.

It's such a different experience gunning the touge in the morning. We'll do it again some time :)

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