Friday, May 2, 2008

Wednesday night touge run

After the TT session with Andy, a few friends called up and invited me for a touge run with them and their friends. As I arrived at the petrol kiosk at the base of the touge, I saw a massive collection of cars. I saw at least 5 different makes and more than 6 models of cars there.

We had a short briefing for some first timers on what to observe while in the touge convoy, then we casually pushed off.

There were some police about and motorbikes were making U-turns and planning their escape routes but we were adamant about having the run that night and we persevered through.

We arrived safe and accounted for at the dam gates with no other interruptions. I was not entirely satisfied as the run was slow due to the Sat night events still fresh in our minds. I wanted to go up the TB route again but after much persuasion from friends, we went down the Batu Feringghi route and continued on for drinks at Queensbay.
A lot of the cars were hidden in the shadows to the left...Hidden from the light.
Daniel's (touge monk) trusty steed. This guy never let me down once, he is always willing for a touge run.
We were all glad the Wish came along as it brought along some chicks to our sausage fest!

As we were leaving, I felt that the clutch was squishy and I could hardly engage gears. So Patrick drove me to get a bottle of Brake and Clutch fluid from the nearby petrol kiosk as precaution. I filled up the clutch fluid container and drove home for some rest. The problem had to be addressed tomorrow... Sleep...

p.s. I couldn't sleep due to touge deficiency as even on the way down, there was some bugger in the front that took slow corners and accelerated in the straights preventing us all from overtaking. Down lor!!!


Dennis Tan said...

waaaa~ you guys really daring ooo. so no cops around the dam area that night?

ScAvEnGeR said...

No cops at the dam... But we only had a brief rest before they came up for patrolling.

I suppose the TB touge will be out of bounds for some time.

I for one will be cooling off until the situation settles down.

CubeNetwork said...

police has operation every Friday & Saturday night now a days. So go touge on weekdays lo :D

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi bro Cube.

Thanks for the info. In fact the police are very much "interested" in the masses hanging around the dam area. Because, with the increase in numbers, along comes social ills and so on.

We are also into the touge scene during weekdays. In fact, some friends and I were up there again last night.

Do drop me a message if you're interested to come along for a run.

Looks from your blog that you're into gaming. How'd you find my blog and please feel free to share any comments or feedback.

TQ. Cheers!

CubeNetwork said...

er.. i'm the one driving "1.3"
Satria :D aka edison/akihito

ScAvEnGeR said...

Ah Akihito... Nice to see you're here too.

I hope you enjoyed yourself on the touge.

Remember not to keep being so focused on the tires, just try your car out and enjoy the ride ya?

Cheers bro.