Friday, May 2, 2008

Labor Day.. Clutch pump serviced!

I had to miss my meeting with Tougeking (, Tan and Kev (Kamparboy) for a touge at Cameron yesterday due to my clutch pump leak :(

Bro Chris visited me that morning and we decided to save up some cash by doing the service and install ourselves.
We went to an old friend of Chris' in town and looked up some pretty good spare parts. Initially, the old guy got me a Seiken upper clutch pump. I'm talking ENTIRE pump fellas! That's great stuff!
First time I'd seen a complete Master Cylinder Assembly from this OEM manufacturer.
Check out the branding on the ori box!
So we went home grinning and got to installing.
Old pump came out.
Chris was screwing on some delicate items which I didn't feel confident working on.
Our provisions for that afternoon :P
Chris was explaining to me what to do next while taking a rest.
What were we to find but that the lower pump had also leaked and that the Seiken pump was a wrong model! We went straight down town for a refund and just got the service kits instead.
Chris and I got back to my apartment to complete the installation and went for dinner at Mizi's at New World Park.
Cozy interior.
I had some fish which was just alright... Potatoes were still partly raw though.
Food was just alright... But the feeling of driving a car that you'd just DIY'd... Priceless!!!


Touge King said...

Christopher is always helpful, you are so lucky to have him around!

kev said...

haha damn must suck knowing to attach the wrong clutch pump, but yeah, that seiken looks nostalgic, lol

haha hope to see u back in action again scav

Dennis Tan said...

too bad scav~ it's really a thrill going downhill that day ^^. Not sure that i would had the courage to blast down simpang pulai at that speed. coz lot's of time i knew the tyre had reach it's limits and TK still can handle his black knight *.*

darn horrable....

ScAvEnGeR said...

TK: You should move to Penang if you've the chance erh? Or help us shift operations to Ipoh! Hmmm... *pondering*

Kev: No biggie. Everything is already up and running. Thanks to Bro Chris, I've sucessfully changed both my upper and lower pumps on my own!

Dennis: I'm sure it was great to follow in TK's car, although he still owes me a ride. And yes, his level of car control and reaction time is just another level.

kev said...

i was planning to tell tk taht we go up penang on the may 30th, friday nite, haha, planning to meet u guys, heheheheh, wanna ssee ur banana in action and mango too, hahah, be nice to see salad fruits fight! (jk, lol)

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Kev, come la.. No problem la.

We go for a nice touge run then have a good supper before balik tidur. Siok lo!

We will all be awaiting for your arrival.

TK! When will you be coming over?