Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday at RABK

It was a quiet weekend and there was not much to do, so a few friends (including myself) decided to visit Ah Soon at his workplace at RABK. They specialize in body add-ons and custom body kits.

Lookin' at the bare Banana, I wanted to install a little something extra. So we went through a few wings and spoilers (CT9A, CTR, Celica) and finally decided on this one.

Ah Soon fixing the spoiler and taking dimensions while the Monk was making a fool of himself and EJ lookin' on.
It is not of regular Perdana spoiler length, just something Soon had picked out and modified for me. Thanks bro!
Ewe Jin also got to installing a bonnet vent just for fun with the Touge Monk scratching up his bonnet in the process!

Wordings EJ was "inscribed" onto the bonnet.
As EJ was still hesitant, Soon started off with a "slice" of the bonnet.
As there's no other choice, work commenced. Lookit all them sparks!

And the "pain" on EJ's face... Hehehe...

Eventful day... Seeing that this is the first time I'd added anything to the bodywork/exterior on any of my cars.. Excluding stickers and DIY paint of course!


Dennis Tan said...

yo~ nice "tail" you got there scav~ ^.^ is it like the one on 12's pert? everyone preparing well for the track day already? gambate ooo~

see you all on sunday
*p/s dun forget yo bring helmet and wear sport shoes ooo.

tankae92 said...

It's hurt man!!!

How's the spoiler going???

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Dennis: Not bad ler??? I like the effect and color tone it brings.

It's not the same as 12's one as it's modded to fit from another car.

Relax bro, I never drive without my shoes, and I got helmet sponsor so no worries :P

Hi tank: Serious "pain" you see in him... Hehe...

The spoiler looks ok la.. I like it.