Friday, May 9, 2008

Alan's return

Patrick's friend Alan returned from KL yesterday and this normally calls for a touge session.

We met up at the usual mamak stall at the base of the touge until 12.30a.m. and pushed off once everyone had had their drinks and relieved themselves.

It was great fun going up the touge with so many friends. Alan's car was superb on the high speed section, being a MIVEC and all. I was to take lead, as usual (coz I know the road a little better), in the slower sections going from BP to TB. I had a great run last night, and I just couldn't stop myself!

Patrick was driving right behind me and doing very well until he lost me through some tight twisties. He couldn't catch up after that due to his headlights dipping too low and he couldn't see the road ahead. Sorry bro, but I was having too much fun to stop.

It was all great and we ended by blasting through an old route we'd missed for quite some time due to "disturbances".

Now lastly, an apology to TK. I'm so sorry bro, I really wanted to take vids last night but my camera stand was with Daniel (Touge monk) who is now in Singapore. Very sorry bro.


Touge King said...

*ROAR* Just get another phone-holder!!!

It's only RM15. Your footage: Priceless!

Do the math :P!

tankae92 said...

Hi bro,want to know who am i???

Look in here!!!


by the way...

How come you guys can control a nearly 2 ton monster???

ScAvEnGeR said...

TK: Aiya.. Just a short wait la.. He went for business nia. No point spending ma. Anyway, he'll be back soon.

Tank: What 2 tonne monster???

ScAvEnGeR said...

Oh hey... My collegemate right?!?!?!

Kewl... Are you coming for this round at Kg. Gajah?

It's on the 18th of May. Just next weekend la :)

Sadly, I can't read Mandarin though.

Drop me your e-mail and I'll keep in touch.


akihito said...

tayar already cacat , don't dare to push , oversteer twice where chris masuk longkang last wednesday


kev said...

scav, seriously im considering to come to teluk bahang on 30th may, haha, get me somewhere to bunk ok? lol

ScAvEnGeR said...

Aikihito: Oversteer is more fun ma. I intentionally oversteer my car at certain corners coz its too tight and my car's too long! :P

Will you be coming for track day???

Kev: Come on up, there's a new hotel near the base of the touge which is relatively cheap.

tankae92 said...

Perdana's nearly 2 tonne right???


ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi tank: The V6's curb weight is 1336kg so I expect my SEi should be around 1.3tonnes.