Monday, May 26, 2008

Retrieving the Silver Banana

I'd applied leave last Friday to go down to Ipoh to get the Silver Banana. I left Pg for Ipoh by 11a.m. along with Raj and Patrick in his Satria.

We enjoyed the ride down as Patrick has his suspension set to the softest setting and I'd brought along my laptop for on board entertainment.

We arrived shortly (around lunch time) and TK (tougeking) met up with us along with a member of Hillraiders from KL. Naturally, we went up the touge... After a short lunch session.

Great drink.. Kinda like a float with extra flavor.

The herbal duck noodles were superb! *smack lips*
We had some good rojak... But nothing like Penang.
There was also dried Chee Cheong Fun.
Once we'd devoured everything, refuelled, had a puff for the road and received Fujiwara (another friend). We then went up the touge with TK in the lead (me sitting in his Franken70), followed by Patrick and Steven of Hillraiders (I'm sorry bro, I can't seem to find your site. Leave me a comment and I'll post it up). We were halfway up the touge when it friekin' poured on us! Nonetheless, being the advent blogger that I am.. *ahem*ahem* I took pics standing in the rain :P
A logo of the hillraiders. Innovative use of the "r" 'innit?
We went down to visit what Ipoh is known for, it's caves and caverns, for a photo op! After which we finally went over to Han's shop to take a look at how things were going for the Silver Banana.
Work was not yet done. But night was upon us as Han kept laboring away.
As it was getting too late, Raj and Patrick went home to Pg after a short touge run. And I bunked with Han whom was a gracious host. I for one am always thankful for anywhere to sleep, and Han got me some sheets and a pillow to boot. Thanks bro!

I got a great amount of floor space to roll around in :P
Next morning as we were leaving for the workshop, I saw Han's bike.
Which had carbon fibre forks!
On route to the workshop, I saw this "interestingly" named restaurant. In Hokkien "Kam Ching" (literally translates to "suck gun") is a slang word to describe getting oral sex. I just had to take a pic of the signage! :P
Here's a pic of Han's place with a Kancil Turbo in the works. It'll be used for dragging and bragging.
We then went over to see a machine shop which catered only to the automotive industry. You can get work done from your location pins inserted to boring out your block.

Just look at the size of the workshop space!
We then visited a drift buddy of mine Jim (Ah Hei) at his workshop (ABT motorsport) to look for some parts and to have a short chat with him. I found out about his new project for the DCC RES'2 IBU A31 Drift car... Its new engine will be a monster. Just as comparison, he'd removed an RB25DET in exchange. Lookit his drift machine sitting just outside.

The final touches were done at Han's neighbouring shop as he had certain tools needed.
These fellas even had their name on the concrete ramp!
CT-4 (formerly known as GT-4) had completed the final work on my baby and we started up the engine to perform some tests before leaving for home sweet home! Thanks Lek for the work done.

Thank you all very much for the hospitality and ferrying me around. Much thanks to TK for the ride, thanks to Han for all the work done and a room to stay (very grateful), much thanks to Ah Boy the unsung hero as he accompanied me the entire night and brought me up the touge in his pristine EG6!

As for Raj and Patrick... The engine will be run in soon and you better be ready for my return to the touge!!!


Dennis Tan said...

good for you scav~ my mango had just return to ward. again. haiz~~~

ScAvEnGeR said...

Down la you!

My Silver Banana is running fine and all's well... The new internals feel great. EVERYTHING is now new!

The engine feels VERY healthy and responsive. I can't wait to run it in and hit the touge again!!!