Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Touge for Friendship 130508

I was at home from work last night when my friend Shazwan from KL called up to inform me he was in Kedah and would drop by yesterday evening. I was expecting him to be coming in his DC5 but I got a shock when I saw him drive this monster in:

We met up at Kapitan opposite Queensbay Mall and had some drinks when Patrick, Raj, Daniel, Chris and Akihito joined us and decided to show Shazwan the TB touge.

We convoyed to the Shell station at the base of the touge to fill up for the route ahead.

We started off on Tun Sardon Road with Raj in the lead, followed by Akihito, then myself, Patrick, Chris and finally Daniel whom was kind enough to pace for Shazwan (whom was not slow btw!). The V8 monster was right behind us everytime we slowed down just a little.

We went up early as Shazwan had to leave for home later on, so the touge was full of traffic although we overtook most of them and still had our fun!

We then continued into the TB touge where I was to take lead due to familiarity with the route. I'm not sure whom was pursuing me as I was having too much fun in the touge and avoiding the motorcycles and occasional car. But everyone made it past in a speedy pace.

We stopped at the dam for some laughs and a ciggie then proceeded to convoy onto the highway to lead and bid farewell to our dear friend Shazwan.

We stopped by Gurney Drive to have just a simple photo op as we were hurried for time.
The Silver Banana and the Q7
Check out the emblem... I love the font! *Quattro is Audi's 4WD system*
Thanks for coming over for touge action with us bro. I hope you bring YOUR car next round ;)

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