Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rich kids... Bah!

I just need to vent some frustration in this post.

Yesterday afternoon Patrick called me up to invite me for a touge, as usual, I asked what's the occasion?

Patrick continued to explain that a rich man's son had commented that Satria's transplanting the ever popular 4G93 engine CANNOT touge! WTF?!?!?! Wouldn't that mean that my Silver Banana'd be shite on the touge? Factoring in the weight deficit, low powered engine and bulky dimensions... He drives and Audi *model undisclosed*

Since such a "prospective" challenger had surfaced, who was I to say no to a touge battle? I had been waiting for a chance to challenge an European make for a long time and this was it.

I'd waited anticipatingly for Patrick's call while doing some errands when it came at 10.30p.m. and the touge run was a go. The downside was that the little twat had chickened out and was not answering our calls. Damn...

Nonetheless, I for one would not let off a chance for a nice touge as the night air was crisp and cool and the tar was dry.

Patrick, Daniel and Ewe Jin met up with me at the Shell station at the base of the touge and we all refilled and cleaned our windscreens before going up.

Ewe Jin had a very interesting night and in turn learned some techniques from the Touge Monk (Daniel)! I went all out and Daniel had a great time chasing. He's getting super fast, tailgating me all the way throughout the touge. Good job fellas... We'll try make 8.30mins by this year end ok? :P

We all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and went home tired, but happy!


Touge King said...

You had me at the Audi!!!

Damn, this would have been such a nice post, the banana smoking the boat... Hahahaha :P

RESPECT bro, RESPECT for you and your crew, you guys are super fast!

kev said...

thats just a stupid ignorant remark for those who doesn't really know about cars. sure european makes are fast on track, but they aren't exactly fast or known to be fast on touges. especially judging the weight of a EUDM compared to a JDM. Unless, it is a Lotus, Caterham 7, Shelby Cobra, then it is not even worth mentioning. He could only win you, should he have the Audi Quattro, 4WD but thats really a beginner's car. Real people deal with FF or FR. I've beaten heaps of European cars, other than the BMW M5 and Brabus K4, I can't outrun their top speed for sure.

Probably he was just crying to his papa, saying that, dad I want a evo, so i could beat the shit out of those naive poor satria boys. so yeah, who cares bout snobbish assf*ckers like them. ur a good touge fella scav, dont bend in to losers like that

ScAvEnGeR said...

TK: Yes... I was hooked to go for touge that night when I heard the car make. But sadly didn't turn out. It would've been a fun battle.

No crew la.. We're just free spirits enjoying the touge!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Kev: I wasn't trying to compare JDM to EUDM, it really doesn't matter what car he drove. You could drive a friekin' Skyline up the TB touge and I'd still take you on!

I was just interested to know what he was made of, making a statement like that. Seems he was made of jell-o by the looks of it! Hahaha...

kev said...

yeah i know that, lol, but still, i've got a feeling EUDM arent made for our malaysian sorta roads. EUDM are made for the autobahns, and our highway isnt exactly up to standard. ask TK himself, haha, now hes back to the japanese, lol

ScAvEnGeR said...

EU cars tend to be more conservative and the manufacturers kinda wanna improve on what they have instead of changing to a better system.

Jap imports are more into the techno whirlwind of change where new tech is applied with every revision of the model.

Example being Porsche using air cooled engines until mid-90's and the current utilisation of twin charging their VW 1.4 engine whilst the Nissan March K10 had been on the market since 1985.

Our highways may not be up to par, but the EUDMs develop and compensate to become the ultimate highway cruiser/bruiser.

However, I'm still dying to drive an EU car into the TB touge. I dream of driving the E30 M3, Alfetta, Alfa Romeo 145 Quadrifoglio Verde (beaut car with those telephone dial rims and a sweet note!), VW Golf GTi Mk.I and the 1st Gen Clio Williams!!!