Friday, May 2, 2008

Ti's party car!

Wednesday was upon us once again and most of us were baffled as to what we're going to do that night as we were sure that town would be packed seeing that the following day will be Labour's Day and everyone will be off.

I was sitting down and contemplating whether to go for a private touge run when my friend Andy (Ti) called up and told me that he'd further done up his party car. I call it that as there are many gadgets in it such as portable media devices plugged into the car's system and multiple input sources, multiple light options and a beautiful interior reminiscient of a high class hotel.
His ride with very nice JDM interior complete with stalk shifter and bench seats! (dashboard to come)

So we met up at a nearby mamak stall to see what he'd done. I was amazed when he switched on the interior lights and he'd gone and made downlighting (much like a ballroom's soft, warm glow) in blue. The amazing thing was that the downlighting was DIY!!!

Check it out!

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