Monday, March 31, 2008

New rims and tires.

After the recent track excursions, my tires were balding so bad that they were almost becoming full race slicks!

I went around shopping for new tires that past week or so and found that the original 205/60/15 tires cost a bomb!

With the announcement that tire prices will be going up from 1st April onwards, I'd decided that if an upgrade were to be made, it'd be now!

Good news came this weekend when a friend had helped me source out a set of 17" rims and new tires for a VERY good price.

The ever vigilant Bro Chris was there looking on the install. This dude is always looking out for me. Thanks so much bro. I owe you one! Patrick sohai ( was giving his "thumbs-up" to the new dubs... erk... I can speak "Nigger-ish" :P
Install was complete and waiting to get outta that bay.
I just couldn't resist taking another picture of my machine while parked at work this morning.
These rims kinda adds a certain "bling-age" to the ride doesn't it? Let me know what you guys think. It's kinda too many spokes for my taste... :P


patrickgun said...

not bling enuff,shud have inserted a ofset rims instead

ScAvEnGeR said...

Cannot la.. I tableh tahan...

This is already too much bling for me.

Actually I only got these as their the cheapest option at that time.