Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flabby morning.

As I got out of my apartment to get to work, I'd reached the end of the road and realised that my front right tire was punctured!

My handphone cam has no flash, so sorry for the badly lit pic.

I had to change the bloody thing in lousy lighting and off to work in sweaty clothes.

Bloody thing looks slashed! That crooked piece of shit bugger (I can't say bastard publicly now can I?) better not let me find him otherwise a punctured tire would be the least of his automotive worries.
The only reason as to why I'm still in a cheery mood is that these tires have lasted through Sepang and Kg. Gajah twice, and that its time for a tire change anyway. I guess this is a good juncture for my upgrade to a larger size :P


patrickgun said...

time for 18 ' !!!!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Too big la.

I just want 16" actually, just that it's not financially feasible for me to do so now because it will requre me to guy another set of rims.

I resort to 17" because I have a set left over from my previous car.

Dennis Tan said...

maybe 12 can sell you his extra 17" milanza~ heard he just order new 16 inches rims~ so he should had extra 17" wheels ^^ ~