Monday, March 17, 2008

Defensive driving with Sean Khoo on 15/Mar

I had a track event this past weekend at the Dato Sagor track in Kg, Gajah. It was the defensive driving course with lead instructor, Sean Khoo, and his assisstants, Johan and Yoong (aka Mr.Nismo although he's driving a Caldina).

Here are the pics. I didn't get many as I was excited for as much track time behind the wheel as possible.

I tried to capture the beautiful wide open paddy fields in the light morning mist. But I was driving slightly over 100km/h so please forgive me as it's a bit blurred.
A view of the cars waiting in readiness for the event to start.
Sean started the theoretical part of his course. "Now this is how you open the door!" - Jus jk :P
He was explaining seating position and the placement of your arms on the steering.
Sean was explaining steering work. In this pic, he was telling us not to get cross armed.
Our lead instructor again at front stage. This time he's explaining that there are chances of our cars turning into submarines in Sg. Perak if instructions are not followed.
Yoong and Johan listening on and adding some comments.All cars were lining up to attemt the slalom and staggered gate formation, which everyone tried to do at speeds of up to 80km/h... I did it at 60km/h and the rear of my car started coming alive! I never knew that the throttle could help you gain more traction! - Sean did it at 80km/h with no drama at all. Darn he's good!
Zoggee looking UBER gay in his long sleeved cotton shirt. I mean, just look at his pose! ;)
I sat down for a chat with Yoong, Johan and Sean after a simple lunch while we waited for Muslim prayers to end.
Ah Aun looked sleepy and tired. Probably due to unloading a lot of "cargo" that very morning along the PLUS highway :P
Yoong was feeling mighty proud of his Caldina after he took me for a ride around the track, drifting after the rain. He started off by using the Caldina's foot actuated handbrake to initiate drits, after which he explained that it's all about throwing the car's weight. From then on, it was inertia drifts all the way, handbrakes were no longer needed! - Thanks for the ride Yoong.Henry in his very limited Subaru. It's a boxer engined, front wheel driven Subaru. But it had a working air-conditioner, good balance and frameless windows!!! Nice car bro.
Yoong, Lao Heah and Jay Kang posing after Lao Heah drove his Honda Accord over the drain and into Yoong's club!
After a good night's rest and getting ready to leave for home, the resort guys requested a picture session. So we threw in a few of our own cams for the heck of it.
Our cars all lined up after lunch with Kookaburra (KP61 Starlet) taking the fore front.

Our VIP Henry being escorted home on the highway by two Perdana's.
The weekend ended with dinner at Restoran Kapitan for some tandoori with Tommy, Christopher and myself.

This course was worth every cent. It's a real eye-opener to emergency situations and car control. Do try to go for Sean's course if you have the chance to.

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