Monday, March 10, 2008

Tougeking visits TB!

Tougeking was visiting Pg last Sunday and he'd gave me a holler that beautiful morning.

We met up at Queensbay mall for some chit-chat and "bird-watching" as his girlfriend did some shopping (naturally). We caught a glimpse of some "interesting" pillars near the information counter (where we were at for the good part of an hour), and being the neanderthals all men are, we decided to take some pics.

Mock pic of me peeping!
After which, hunger reared its ugly head and we had to go get some din-din. TK suggested deep fried fish bones at Double Dragon Restaurant (situated next to Waterfall hotel) which is incidentally my friends place. So I called up for a booking and off we went. On our way to the carpark, we saw an interesting shop themed as a toilet!!!
We were the first to arrive and luckily I had made a booking as it was teeming in an hour!

During dinner, it rained and damped our spirits but everything looked well after our hearty meal as the skies had cleared and naturally, the Touge came to mind!

I brought TK through Chui Di Lor, Batu Feringghi (full of traffic 'tho), then Teluk Bahang (up to the dam). TK was chasing me in Tommy's car. Here are some pics at the dam, along with Dennis from TKA Motorsports, BCM Tan and his GF, and Dennis' awesome 4 x 4!
From then on, TK rode shotgun with me through the Teluk Bahang-Balik Pulau route in the super wet road full of debris. We decided to have a "careful" drive up, but being the little voices kept asking me to push it... Bwahahaha... A few close encounters with MPPP's (city council) well made concrete barriers, but it was all good.

After that we took Jalan Tun Sardon from Balik Pulau back to Relau and TK immediately felt more at home there as it was a high speed touge. The idiot laughed all the way through the high speed corners, contemplating his move to Penang for residence! Hahaha...

We stopped at the Relau Shell station and waited for all to arrive before parting ways and going home for some well deserved rest :)

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