Monday, March 17, 2008

16th open track day at Dato Sagor

We had an open track day after the defensive driving course since we were staying over at the chalet anyways. Plus, we had to rent the track for both days (owner's requirements).

Zoggee organised something similar to Solo and took out timed runs as benchmark for future improvement. I didn't get any pics because all the participants and I were too busy being nosey. Sitting near the timekeeper and watching for others' lap times.

One interesting participant was the Saga from Hell, which I first saw at Sepang's open track on the 27th of Jan 08. This fella ran coil over shocks suspension in the rear and a 4G63T resides as its heart. Heavily modified and torque steers like mad. Enjoy the view :-

*Picture adapted from

I had a blast of a time and I finally got Tougeking to drive my car. Despite being and FF layout, balding yr 2003 tires and his first time driving my car, his time was :-

1. 44.78 secs.

2. 44.94 secs.

3. 44.45 secs.

As compared to my own time of :-

1. 47.24 secs.

2. 48.35 secs.

3. 47.92 secs.

4. 47.89 secs.

5. 47.02 secs.

I tried entering the chicane on third gear and missed the following apex slightly on my second run, I didn't think it'd cost me so much. Haiz...

Now I know what I'm aiming for :) Thanks TK for the taxi ride and for the benchmark timing. Thanks also for showing me how to take the chicane, I shall return soon with vengeance and new tires :P

I just gotta say this. IT'S ALL ABOUT BALANCE!!!


Touge King said...

Thanks for letting me drive the Perdana, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I think we could shave 2 seconds with better tires, no passenger, and more serious driving :P Let's see how you do it next time!

ScAvEnGeR said...

"Ngo chee chi lei ke".

I'll get a fresh set of tires then try again next round.

Thanks for the ride and experience your "dramatic" driving :)