Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Parting ways to an acquaintance

Haiz... Parting is always such sweet sorrow even if its just an acquaintance we'd met ever so briefly.
I'm referring to the sale of my KP60 Starlet of course. This cute little bugger can turn into an a$$ biting monster (as proven by Zoggee's Kookaburra) with the right mods.

I had little memory of this acquaintance as I only drove it for less than an hour before the engine, conrods rather, knocked out on me. It's been left at Henry's place for ever so long until an interested buyer came along.

So now this is saying my piece to the departure of the KP60 Toyota Starlet from my stable.
Cheers to the car that could have been!

In loving memory...

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