Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oversteer correction!

Have you ever experienced oversteer?

I had in fact faced this situation multiple times and spun out even when I was driving an FF (front mounted engine, front wheel drive) car! This occured a few times on track and a couple of times on public roads. I do not have to stress nor mention the danger level of oversteering when one's not armed with the knowledge to react to the situation.

Thus, with Zoggee available during the recent weekend track outing, it was a good opportunity for me to learn some car control from him.

After some waiting, I finally had some track time with this sought after pal of mine with him riding shotgun. We went on track and he started to explain to me how he was going to throw my car's rear out and how I'm going to react to this oversteer situation. I was listening intently and missed the turn, so we had to go for another round.

We went again and Zoggee had thrown my rear out, as it was my first time, I was hesitant to react and the car straightened too fast. A proper sounding was in order :( I had to go round again to finally get the feel and clear my doubts. He threw the rear, I reacted... And there was smoke!

I never imagined myself doing this at any point in time before. It is a good lesson to learn and keep in mind in times of need.

For those whom want to learn more defnesive driving skills, there'll be a driving clinic this 15th of March at the Dato Sagor Track in Kg, Gajah at RM750.00/person. The driving instructor is Mr. Sean Khoo, a reknowned driving instructor.

Do refer Tougeking at (0136262288), or Zoggee at (012-3031068) if you're from KL, or myself (0124077575) if you're coming from up North (Penang).

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