Monday, March 3, 2008

March Open track day at Dato Sagor track

It's been a great weekend with lots of excitement and education. If you've been following the previous postings, you'd already know what I'm talking about. For those whom have not, I was at a TRACK DAY!!! Woo-hoo! You think you can drive? Think again... I sure did! A definite eye-opener to the world of car control.

I was at the Dato Sagor track at Kg. Gajah for a weekend of fun in the sun (a little too much sun) with the BC-Machine group, loads of driving buddies and making new ones along the way.

I kicked off the weekend by waking up bright and early at 3.30a.m. (still dark actually) on Saturday morning to clean up and prep for the journey ahead. I pushed off at 4a.m. to meet the BC-Machine guys at the Bkt. Merah R&R which we punctually left at 5.15a.m. for the trip down to Kg. Gajah. Everyone decided to take the trunk road for some touge action albeit at a slower pace since it's just too darn early for any drama.

Look at the convoy we had, 13 cars in total!

We arrived at the track in time for setup and registration (everyone was awake by then) and we did some prayers to the local deity for a smooth event throughout!

Tougeking was anxious to get on track (as usual) and was getting ready to change his tires for some track attack!
After registration, we had drivers & instructors briefing from Zoggee, the administrator for the weekend.

The briefing aid was sponsored by Tommax sticker opposite i-avenue, Bkt. Jambul, Penang.

In the midst of briefing, 003 yelled out that he saw bufffalo! We thought he's joking as usual, but right as rain, there was a herd of them that had come to visit us on track!

Once everything was resolved and the buffalo shooed off track, we were ready for some action. I was in charge of the flags. Green means go, yellow means to watch out and be careful, and black is used to stop the run or a certain car at any time.

It was a hectic day and we were cluttered as most of us were first timers at being marshalls. BCM 003 and Zoggee even had no lunch. 003 bought some fried mee without asking for utensils which ended up with him eating food to mouth doggy style!!! He had help scooping the noodels with his buck teeth :D

The organizers decided to alter the track layout in the afternoon to cancel off right sweeper and introduce a slightly trickier course for the benefit of the participants in learning better control. Of course, a drivers briefing was warranted

A 350Z also stopped by for some on track fun with us under invitation from Tougeking.

It was fun, it was a learning experience, I'm hurting from the sunburn (even my face!) but it's all good. In fact, I can't wait for when the next one will be held!

I'm still lacking a few pics on other friends' cams, I didn't take many as I was on duty. I'll update as soon as I get the pics.

Till then, cheers!

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