Thursday, March 13, 2008

Teluk Kumbar touge under construction

While I was waiting for some parts from my supplier yesterday, I decided to go up to an old haunt to see how's the progress. Sadly, it's still ongoing and the roads are horribly scarred from the construction work, and some parts are now one way with no street lamps. It'd be dangerous at night but it was noon-ish then so I'd went to the start of the touge to get some pics.

The initial part remains the same with smooth tarmac and wide roads. You can see from this pic that the road winds higher and higher into the hill.

A pic of my car at the banking with a good view of the initial sweepers entering the Teluk Kumbar touge!

This is a pic of the downhill showing the initial part of the Teluk Kumbar touge.

Since I still had a few minutes on my hands, I'd just fool around with some angle pics. Darn! I miss my TE.

My supplier had called up so it was time to leave. I'd wanted to make a spin turn (I miss my "Pooh" TE), but I could only manage a slow U-turn in this large saloon :(

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