Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dinner at Sri Ananda Bahwan

I had dinner on Sunday night with my family at the Sri Ananda Bahwan reataurant located at the foot of Pearl Hill in Tg. Bunga, Penang.
They even had a traditionally dressed doorman to welcome the guests.

It had a very serene garden style open setup with benches and stools.

There are also conventional tables and chairs for the more discerning diner.
This restaurant serves mainly Indian cuisine, which I'd just found out is split into Northern Indian and Southern Indian cuisine, each with their different fare.

I'd ordered tandoori fish (a change from the usual chicken), mint chicken, chicken masala (some spice), and fried veggies as the main courses.
All of us ordered some naan (indian bread baked in an earthen kiln), except my dad whom decided to have some briyani rice as his staple.

As you can see, we were a hungry lot so everyone had dug in before I could snap pics :)

As we were seated out back, I went to take in some fresh air at the fore front of the restaurant after my hearty meal.
This is where the tandoori is prepared. Notice the big earthen pot to the left of the counter, that's where all the food is cooked.
Sri Ananda also serves traditional Indian sweets for dessert. Try with caution, VERY sweet.

Sri Ananda was a nice place in overall with good service, great and authentic food, fantastic ambience and very hygienic. I suggest a try if time and tide permits.
Happy dining!


Touge King said...

Ate there with my ex over 3 years ago. The food wasn't really for me, but that's just me :P

ScAvEnGeR said...

Food is ok la... Environment and ambience is nice especially when the sun goes down.