Thursday, March 6, 2008

MXV8's worn out!

My beautiful energy saving Michelin MXV8s have been worn out :(

Although these tires cost a bomb, I got a great deal on them at >50% thread. So I'm a little sad that the side threads had worn out and only the centre thread remains. This is dangerous especially on long-haul journeys. But I love these comfy and silent tires and wish I could still use them.

Regardless, I'll be changing to a pair of Falkens for the upcoming track event on the 15th of March. I can't help but to repeat this event for all the petrolheads out there!

There'll be a defensive driving course held at the Dato Sagor track in Kg. Gajah on the 15th of March conducted by Sean Khoo. You driving nuts out there won't wanna miss this!

Contact these guys for more info:
Penang : ScAvEnGeR (012-4077575)
KL : Zoggee (012-3031068)
Anywhere : Tougeking (013-6262288)

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