Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New stickers!

It was after work and we were just too darn free yesterday evening, hanging out at Tommax Stickers, and some funny ideas of decals popped into my head and discussions went on and on and on about what to put on. Myvi club was there as well.

Finally, a decision was made that we would make a layout of Dato Sagor Track and put it on my Silver Banana. This is how it turned out!

Tommy of Tommax Stickers skillfully installing the decal while Isfendy of MyviC looks on, awed :P Decals successfully installed and Tommy-san was tearing off the transfer tape with much distress due to the sticker's thin design.
A track layout of the Dato' Sagor Track or Litar Dato' Sagor on my third quarter window. Sweet right?


patrickgun said...

I tot wana put VIP sticker ?

Touge King said...

I heart the dato sagor sticker!!!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Patrick : Wei... VIP no stickers wan ok? They show off bee-yoo-ti-full paintwork and shiny bits.

TK : You like it? You want it? *in a taunting voice*

Then have to come to Pg, touge with me then oni can make for you. :P

Dennis Tan said...

I WAN ONE TOO~!!!!!!!!

if i let you had a go in my mango in kampung gajah~ you let me had one on my mango?? ^.^ ~

ScAvEnGeR said...

Sure bro... No problem at all, just visit our friendly stickerman Tommy C. for consultation, sticker fabrication, and installation.

Cheers ;)