Friday, February 29, 2008

Track blast on the 1st and 2nd March

Hi guys, the date for this event is nearing and I can't seem to contain the excitement... In fact, tomorrow is the initiation!!!

So here are some updates from my good friend tougeking (adapted from his site). Please hear him out:

"For the participants:

Please arrive at 8am for registration.
Track briefing will start shortly after registration.
Please make sure your car is mechanically sound, with no oil leaks.
Please secure your battery.
Please bring helments.
Although it is not necessary, but it'll be good idea to have a fire-extinguisher secured inside your car.
Please pay attention to the flags and obey them!Have fun!

- adapted from"

Here's a track layout for those in Groups 2 & 3 whom might wanna plan for the best attack route!

So guys, keep these tips in mind and I'll see you there for the track attack! Cheers and drive safe.

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