Friday, August 1, 2008

Review of the twins!

I just can't help but to blog about the twins now hiding behind those gorgeous 17's.

The performance is exemplary of how negative Gs should feel and I'm starting to enjoy braking late into corners as much as following certain lines that were never apparent to me before. I could accelerate for longer periods then jab the brakes in preparation for the upcoming turn.

I'd never thought a slight (10mm) increment in rotor diameter would outperform my original brakes by so much!

I had a test run with Daniel recently and I was driving as how I initially did in the reverse course. Putting in a lot of braking points just to see how the brakes would hold together (I'm still using the pads that came with the brakes as they're still very thick, but I do not know what brand/model they are), and amazingly, there was no fade at all whatsoever!

p.s. I have a set of Toyota twin pots from the Corolla SE Supercharged up for sale from my previous Corolla SE 1.5 SOHC Weber.


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