Monday, August 18, 2008

6 Japs and 2 M'sians

I got a very interesting invitation from my pal Johnson (EP3) to go touge with the Type-R's of Penang... And who was I to refuse :P

I met up with Johnson (EP3), Timmy (DC5), Faidzal (DC5), Uncle Martin (DC5), NOSkill (Celica-almost-GT4), an-unknown-to-me dude (but really friendly - Gen.2 supercharged), and Victor (FC). We were waiting for another EP3 from Seberang (or BM as he prefers) but sadly, he could not make it due to logistics issues.

We proceeded to Tg. Tokong Caltex station to refuel and check our tire pressures, self-relieving rituals and etc. before making our way up to the TB Dam. It was requested of me to take the lead car as I'm more familiar with the route, so I humbly accepted *devillish grin*

We blasted through the Vale of Tempe (Chui Di Lor) and Batu Feringghi, all the way through Teluk Bahang till we arrived at the dam. Slowing down for traffic and populated areas, especially where there are junctions (we are pemandu "berhemat" ma :P)... Needless to say, peering eyes could not be avoided, with so many beaut machines (excluding mine) on the road.

We parked our cars and had a photo op... Chilling for a while, took in some nicotine and decided to take the Teluk Bahang to Balik Pulau route home. I was again asked to take lead through the tightest twisties in Penang... Fun!

Fighter's jet... Powah powaaaah!!!
Our dedicated photographers (Vic & Zechs) :*sorry for the terribly dark pics, taken with my HP*

I was just wreaking havoc on my Kumho Solus tires that night (my shoulder blocks are shiny clean now) and I'm sorry if I was a bad lead car. I'd like to apologize to the entire convoy that night. Please forgive me, I was just too exhilirated with the adrenaline... It's been a long time since I'd drove like that.

I'd like to thank the Integras and Type-R's for the night of fun and laughter, great drive and especially getting to know you guys.


akihito said...

i still sucks @ the Teluk Bahang - Balik Pulau Route .... quit following the convoy after qutie a distance and go back to meet up with the another group i come up with

ScAvEnGeR said...

No worries bro. You're still super young and time IS your ally.

Do not rush nor push things. Keep on training and I honestly tell you, practise makes perfect!

kev said...

hey is the gen2 in light blue color, i think i know who he is, he hangs out around teamcampro forums, lol

ScAvEnGeR said...

It's kinda like turqoise/teal kinda color... You know the original Gen.2 bluish/greenish color.

He was previously running an electrical supercharger.

kev said...

yeah thats him, its the ori gen2 blue color. nick was e-supercharger off teamcampro forums. was putting up his electric supercharger for sale on the forums. so i guess he's using a full fledged supercharger now

ScAvEnGeR said...

Err... Actually no.

He's on full NA now. Hahaha... He was fun to touge with. A person of many comments.

kev said...

never met the person irl, but look forward though