Thursday, August 14, 2008

5/7 Doctor and a high protein diet!

It was a hectic couple of days for me at work... Sorry for the lack in posts, but let's see if I can make it up yea ;)
Last Saturday, my best pal from high school called up to book a lunch meeting with me. We went out for a casual movie and came out starving like wolves. Seeing that we were in Gurney and our gastronomic situation, we turned to Seoul Garden for lunch. They serve steamboat and BBQ style buffet meals at a reasonable cost (about RM20+/person).
We'd started off with chicken and stir fried some onions to go along.
Here's Ben, the 5/7 doctor from Ukraine, happily lapping up all we'd cooked.
Eventually, our target was set dead on seafood. Lookit all dat squid and prawns...
Prawns and squid well cooked... Time to dig in.. *slurp*
We got a little numb after the last platter and went back to having chicken and onions while we whet our appetite with sour lime sauce... *I'm salivating already* Finally, the piece-de-resistance... We had 2 final platters of prawns to call it a day... And yet, the soup was untouched.. We had to pour in soup just to keep the pot from drying up, that's about as much action as the soup was getting :P
Watch for the amount of shells we each had....
It was piled high...
Close up... How can you imagine something so ugly tastes so good...
I definitely wanna go again... Dang... I love food... Anyone wanna come along? ;)

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