Monday, August 18, 2008

Virgin encounter - Premiere Class!

Ben and I went for lunch at 600cc in Gurney last Saturday... We didn't have much planned for the afternoon so we thought we'd catch a movie. As the escalator moved up, we came in full view of the Saturday afternoon mass trying to get a good seat at the next show. We queued up and (im)patiently waited for our turn... Our shifty eyes sighted "The Clone Wars" showing in Premiere class and there was NO QUEUE! We hurried over to purchase our tickets and thus attained full access to the Premiere class lounge :P
It was my first time being in there and the weird murals were fairly interesting. Take a closer look and you'll see Ben lazing on the far right.
There were "stars" on the roof on our way in. I love the lens flare, although done unintentionally :P
Beaut Premiere Class signange on the wall and super big and comfy seats... Reclinable too!
"Shut off handphones" ad came on... And that's exactly what I did... So no more pics :(
The Clone Wars was a great movie and brought out the child in me. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie experience in Premiere Class, it was also a first for Ben and I to have beer and stout in the cinema.

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