Wednesday, July 30, 2008


After much anticipation... My twin pot brakes are installed and running.

I'd decided to use it as it is, since Chris checked it out to be ok, and do without servicing. Ran in the brake pad-rotor contours and had a blast up the Batu Feringghi touge last night to test them out.

Performance thus far is still dull, I suppose they're still running in. But the pedal feel is getting better and better so I guess its not long to go before I can touge all out! I miss the touge indefinitely... Although, I have to say, the calipers stayed cool to the touch even after a hard drive. These buggers are the shiznit! (got the cliche off an old movie :P)

Here's how they compare to my old discs. Psst... The rusty ones are my "new" discs.

And this is how it looks installed within my 17". I have to say, I love the "fullness" it brings, about how it fills out the wheels.
Due to my excitement and bouncing around during installation and cracking stupid jokes with Tommy, I didn't get many pics. I hope these suffice.

This was a mod based on need rather than want... (My old discs cracked, and another set warped and FUBAR). Just sad that I had to spend so much on this item. I hope it'll be worthwhile. Will get to know this weekend... *sly smile*


tankae92 said...


How's it feel???


ScAvEnGeR said...

It feels great... A very convenient mod too... Just plug'n'play :)

Braking distance in touge is almost the same, but I'm still running on the pads that came with the rotors 'tho. May be better after a change :)

But lacks pedal feel, or I'm just not used to it yet :P

tankae92 said...


Normal for every mod ...

sure can get to it in no time!!!

Dennis Tan said...

twin pot in the banana~! wahahaha. i also just found our a faulty lower arm bush at my front. good thing you give up the TE project bro, lot's of works to done on my mango yet :P

till then~ cheers

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Tank: No doubts about that... I'm started to get the feel of later braking points and proper braking in the straights :P

Hi Dennis: Actually my "Pooh Project" (as they called it) wasn't meant to be as perfect as what you'd done with "Mango". Mine was a pure touge machine thus not having air cond, no power steering and no interior. The car also had lousy suspension and no repairs were done, it's basically just a tool for me to learn RWD driving style.