Monday, August 11, 2008

Broken vow!

I'm so sorry dear readers, as I'd broken my vow to stop touge for this month. I was presented with a golden opportunity by a good friend of mine to test out a Wira GSR (1.8 turbo) at the Batu Feringghi touge... Seeing that it will be my virgin touge in a high RPM turbo vehicle, I just couldn't pass up the chance.

I'd have to say that the GSR engine is no slouch and boost comes in early in the lower gears and a little later in third which is just perfect for touge. At stock, it doesn't boost much and you don't get that sudden kick in the behind like VR4s do, another plus point. The piece de resistance is that this little firecracker of an engine revs all the way to 7500RPM!

So my friend Ah Soon and I met up in town to watch a "ge tai" (stage show performed during occasions), which incidentally my GFs sis was performing at, and to park my car at a safe location. We then boarded Soon's Wira GSR and off we went to Tg. Bunga Caltex to meet up with Akihito, Sanjev and Bigshow (Sim). We each had our fill of premium unleaded and off we went.

I took it slow initially into Chui Di Lor, and got a feel of the GSR's powerband and whatever grip I could muster from the 195/55/15 Duro tires. After the short touge, I came to find that even without an LSD, the GSR had a sweet spot where there's enough pull from the engine to engage maximum grip from the tires.

We then waited for the others (as they were blocked by traffic) for the Batu Feringghi touge run. I decided to take lead so that I could take the GSRs paces unhindered and what a pace it ran that night. Dang! I was amazed and honestly, shocked at how a FWD turbo performed at the twisties.
Although, be warned that driving a force inducted FWD on our local (Penang) touge requires quite a bit of concentration and precise throttle control as I was about to learn. I entered the first double apex too hot and I lifted to get the tail going, after which, I stomped on the throttle to catch the tail as I would an NA. Unfortunately, all I did was spin the fronts and understeered. Luckily, I still remember a few moves from my younger days and continued to feather the throttle while I reined the car in. Phew!

We descended from Teluk Bahang to meet up with Daniel and his friends for TT. It turned out that Daniel had visitors from from KL and the younger of the two was dying to find out how the Penang touge looks and feels like. So we went up AGAIN! I was blasting and popping the blow off valve like corn on a hot plate. Dang I love this engine.

Everyone parted with smiles, especially yours truly, of having the experience of a Wira GSR on the touge!

Much thanks to my good pal Ah Soon for the chance to try out this fantastic machine and I hope my feedback would help you along your maintenance/tuning journey.

Next, I've booked a VR4 to drive up the touge. We'll see how it performs once the owner is free for the trials :P

Rest assured, another fervent write up will be in store. Stay tuned :P


tankae92 said...

Drop one onto your banana la!!!

Easy and SIOK!!!

ScAvEnGeR said...

I was thinking about it initially, but in the end, I'm still in love with high RPM NA screamers.

Cicak V6 Driver 12 said... too.. :P

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi 12, glad to see you're here too.

Aiya, you know me la. I cannot tahan a good touge run.

Tuesday night went again lor... Tested my friend's drag car on the touge. VERY powerful even whilst still running in.

Limited to only 4000RPM, but we had a lot of fun in high gears. Going into corners at 80km/h in 4th gear! Wooh!