Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dinner and dance ;)

Tuesday was just gruesome at the office and seeing that one of our colleague's birthday is on Wednesday, we'd all decided to celebrate it earlier and let off some steam with a dinner function.

We went down to Golden BBQ Steamboat Restaurant (, located at 38,40, & 42, Jalan Nagore 10050 Penang. Yes! It's three whole shoplots, this place was huge...

I'd arrived at 6.30p.m. followed closely by my boss and his would-be bride. My driving that evening was quite enthused... I even met a black Vios and Raymond (Golf GTi) on the way down, but let's leave that for another time.

Our party started immediately and my boss and I enjoyed our food first and taking in the cool breeze with a couple of self-wrapped ciggies. Aaahhh.... Good stuff.

Then our party arrived totalling 13persons and all hell broke loose! We ate, we drank, we chatted, we sang, and we laughed heartily to the post office personas of our supposedly "gentle" ladies :P

I went to meet up and have a chat with the boss, Mr. Joseph (, whom was kind enough to sponsor us a trickle of Chinese wine for our clear soup steamboat. It tasted soooo good.... The sweetness of chicken and the robust flavor of wine was just a winning combo.

Believe it or not, I was the smaller sized guy to the right.. This just goes to show that men of stature love food :P

It was time to cut the cake, and as usual, my boss was his jovial self and was dancing around the B'day girl.
As we complete the B'day song in multiple languages (don't you just love Malaysia), it was time for the lady of the hour to blow out the candles and remove the candles with her teeth.

Now watch my boss' hand...

Then watch the pretty B'day girls face! Bwahahaha....
We stood around chatting and just making merry before ending the event with many smiles and we bade each other farewell... Another day of work tomorrow.
BUT! The night didn't end there for me. A friend of mine had called up just as we were about to end and asked me if I'd wanna meet up for a couple of drinks over some automotive banter. Gladly, I'd made my way to the location and there was another party there.. Of touge and drag kakis. We talked the night away and as people crawl home and the night market dimmed its lights, Akihito (Edison) asked if we'd like to touge. Dang right we would!

Sanjev offered me to touge in his drag car and who was I to refuse, I was actually begging him to, so I jumped into the driver seat to find that his pedals were unmatched in height and he told me I can only climb to 4000RPM as he was still running in his monsta engine. Oh heck, I love a challenge!

We made great progress up the touge and I learnt how to handle a softly sprung, under inflated, and over powered drag machine! It was so much fun, rope in the fact that I was entering corners 1-2 gears higher due to the RPM limit, and the car handled fine... Sliding from corner to corner, dancing as if a skater on high octane steroids!

We all went home tired but happy around 2a.m. for a good night's rest... See y'all next post.

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