Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Water bane and soggy pistons

In these times of erratic weather, I'm glad that our fair land is blessed with a monsoon season every third quarter. There are those however that dread this season of heavenly cool and shower. One such person is Tommy of Tommax stickers.

You see, Tommy had mounted a direct cold air intake from his throttle body right down to the bumper. So you can imagine the catastrophe when monsoon comes and he runs over a puddle! This exact scenario was enacted last Tuesday and Tommy had successfully blown/drowned his 4G15 :(
However, not one to be discouraged, he gave the thumbs-up for a rebuild by Wednesday and work commenced throughout the weekend with much sweat and grime.
Yesterday was the unveiling of his new, improved and super clean engine. Chris (Fer Fer) as usual, did some final adjustments to the tappets (rocker arms for you automotive types out there) and we were ready to rumble... But it poured on us, so we went for a slow drive and eventual dinner.

Check out his super-duper clean engine, the engine oil had been running in (whilst testing) for 2 days and it still looks crystal clear!
Close-up pic of the rocker arms.

Congrats Tommy on the great rebuild and we'll see you at the touge soon ;)

p.s. Readers : Chinese 7th month almost over liao! Can't bear my excitement~!!!


tankae92 said...

poor tommy...

how's the car now???

ScAvEnGeR said...

The car is now running healthy and very fine. It's much healthier now and feels like there's a little more torque than when it went it.

But this is just my claim la, based on butt-dyno wan :P