Thursday, August 14, 2008

Audio and gearknobs.

I had an impromptu TT with the 4GTuner community yesterday evening. I arrived at Tommy's shop to find that Kong (Super_White) had already arrived and was at Chris' place to fix up some alignment woes on his Wira MIVEC. We chatted a bit and Kong had to meet up with a friend before the TT, so he'd left and I went to pick up my pal's audio car from his shop for some listening pleasure and further tuning (Chris can tune anything that's on a car).

I walked opposite to Smart Tint to pick up the car and as Kiong handed me the keys, he told me to beware of hard-hitting bass! Dang! I was soooo excited...

This is Kiong's ride and soon-to-be Smart Tint audio car!

Vanity shot, but heck... It's my blog... So humor me :P

(L-R) Sanjev's red monster, old man's van, Kiong's Persona, Chris' Wira VR4, some unknown cars and at the bottom of the pic is Kong's Wira MIVEC.
(L-R) Audiophile, Touge-phile :P , and Wangan-phile... Bwahahaha... Just more vanity shots... Dang I love holding a camera.
Lookit what's peeping out from the trunk.
It's a rearward mounted monster sub.
The location and enclosure is still in the making, but we couldn't wait to fire it up!
Interior is well stripped to lay down wiring and controls.
The infamous Chris you'd all been hearing me rave about. This fella can tune anything related to cars! Suspension, engine, audio... You name it! *Thanks bro for all the help over the years*
Powering the speakers and subs are the trinity of amps located in the trunk space.
A monster Rodek amp to get the sub pumping.
Gold emblem... Oooh.... Shiny...And two Autocraft amps to run the speakers. One for front stage, and one for the rears.
Can't really see ler... I was using Kong's flash and my camera for combo effect :P
The owner Kiong (Left) with the tuner Chris (Right) in front of the would-be-demo-car. Sorry for the poor lighting, both of them wanted to stay "slightly anonymous".
All of us parted ways to bathe and freshen up. Then we met up again around 11p.m. at Tommy's shop for a gearknob TT. We were either changing, swapping, or polishing our knobs (pun not intended). We had much banter and eventually "yum cha" until 1a.m. I got sleepy and we all left for home.

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