Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday night touge with hatches.

It was 5p.m. and I was starting to clear things up and prepare to get off work when Patrick (patricksohai.blogspot.com) SMS'd telling me that there's touge that night as one of his friends wanted to test his new suspension setting. As usual, I never say no to a touge session :P

As I was leaving the office, it friekin' rained on us... And I mean pouring! Nonetheless, I rushed home and took a good rest. I thought the trip was cancelled, so I was numbing myself out with episodes of Samurai X when Patrick SMS'd that they'd be at the meeting point in 20mins.

I rushed to get a refreshing shower, slip on some decent clothes and rushed out. We all met and I was horrified to see hatches all round. All Satrias and all running 4G93s~!!! My car looked like an overgrown buffalo in the lot.

Anyway, we had a short chat and they decided to put me in the lead so I'd put out some precautions and limitations as there was a first timer present, then we headed up.

As expected, the road was super wet and due to my torquey engine, I could only maintain speed even after the apex. There was no acceleration to be had if your tires are pointing anywhere but straight! I tried pushing a bit, and the beginners seemed fine, so I pushed a little more.. and more... and more... I eventually lost them, but was scared that something could have happened... I waited until I saw headlamps before clearing the next corner.

Upon reaching the dam, Raj took me for a ride down the serpentine roads leading to the dam gates. Damn this fella is fucking fast! I was amazed at his control over his machine at the very limits of grip.

It was a very fun night and everyone gained a little more understanding of their machines. Especially in the wet! Cheers fellas. I hope to see you all again soon.

*Sorry no pics as everyone was too excited going at Teluk Bahang full of puddles and fallen shrubbery.*


kev said...

scav, just a reminder on thursday, haha, we go touge on cameron, lol, bring ur best touge buddies around, haha, interstate touge :D bring lots of tyres also, haah

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Kev, Thanks for calling up last night.

The trip is still tentative la... Depends on my "tau keh soh" :(

kev said...

damn sad ur clutch pump broke, least it broke before u drove here, lol, else that be fucked, i had a terrible day today, fight with parents, so grounded and didnt go either, im planning tommorow or may 30th, lol, hope ull be free then