Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday night touge.

I was extremely distracted at work yesterday because I did not get my weekly touge fix as I had matters to attend to last weekend. I went to Tommax Stickers after work and met up with Daniel and we immediately made an appointment with the TB route. While we chatted, the heavens decided to pour on us but not enough to dampen our exhilaration.

It was eleven p.m. and Daniel and I met up at the Tun Sardon lookout point for a smoke whilse we wait for Patrick and Raj whom have also decided to join us for touge.

Everyone had arrived and warming up for the touge.
From left - right: Daniel (EK), ScAv (Perdana), Patrick (Satria), and Raj (Satria R3).

We had a fairly good run through the reverse course and we all stopped by the dam gates to cool off the drivers and their machines. I had some icy cool menthols to share around... Nice...

It was getting late and we all had things to be attended to early morning so we took leave shortly and most of us did the forward course below 10mins. Not bad on a damp course! We'll try to hit under 9.30mins next time :)

Cheers guys and thanks for the company!

p.s. Here's Patrick's blog :


kev said...

haha another touge, so free lar u, well come down with ur friends, lets conquer cameron, planning on a touge time on 1st of may 2008, hehe, just come lar , thanks for linking me btw

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Kev, I was also thinking about going down around that time.

Maybe we can meet for yum cha.

Touge is frequent for me as I live at the base of the touge so I can go up as long as I can tahan the petrol bill. Hahaha...